2020 Endorsement Process

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Applications for endorsement in the November 2020 election cycle will be available on the caucus website (progressivecaucusmdp.org) and Facebook page (facebook.com/MDPProgressiveCaucus) starting December 9, 2019 and will be available until one month before election day (October 3, 2020). Specific applications will be available for candidates seeking election to the following offices:

The endorsement process and timeline for the 2020 election cycle will proceed as follows:

  • The Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party will accept applications through October 3, 2020. Please email applications to endorsements@progressivecaucusmdp.org with the subject: “2020 endorsement application – [Your Last Name]”.
  • Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.
  • Applicants will be notified via email of the status of their application:
    • Within seven days of submission – confirmation of receipt
    • Within 14 days of submission – public posting of questionnaire responses
    • Within 30 days of submission – status update
    • Within 60 days of submission – final decision on endorsement
  • Multiple endorsements for each office will be considered.
    • If a candidate submits an application for a position in which a candidate has already been endorsed, we reserve the right to issue a second endorsement.
  • All submitted applications will be made publicly available on the Progressive Caucus website within two weeks of submission. Comments from Progressive Caucus members will be open for two weeks following the initial public posting of the application.
  • The Endorsement Committee will review applications and public comment within 30 days of application submission.
    • The Endorsement Committee consists of any officer or elected district representative from the Executive Committee of the Progressive Caucus who has volunteered to take a leadership role in the endorsement process.
    • A “yes” recommendation for endorsement must pass a 75% majority vote of Endorsement committee members.
    • A “no” recommendation for endorsement must pass a 75% majority vote of Endorsement committee members.
    • Any candidate who does not receive a majority vote will be brought to the Executive Committee as “no recommendation”. The executive committee will either vote on the endorsement decision or charge the committee with additional review.
    • Each recommendation from the endorsement committee to the executive committee will be presented with a short report (5 to 10 arguments) in favor of the decision.
  • The Executive Committee will vote on the outstanding recommendations from the Endorsement Committee at each monthly meeting.
    • Candidates must receive at least 51% of the vote from the Executive Committee in order to receive an endorsement from the MDP Progressive Caucus.
    • In cases of a tie, the initial recommendation from the Endorsement Committee will be the final decision.
    • The Executive Committee will be encouraged to disclose if they are hired staff for a campaign; however, they will not be removed from the voting process.

A recommendation from the Endorsement Committee will be based on the following:

  • Candidates considered for endorsement recommendation will be decided based on:
    1. responses to the endorsement questionnaire
    2. viability of their campaign (does the candidate have a legitimate campaign structure)
    3. demonstrates an understanding of the office and their ability to execute the demands and expectations of the office
    4. character and integrity (see MDP code of conduct)
    5. the candidates history in fighting for progressive issues
    6. the candidate will move the progressive movement forward in their community
    7. the people are the compelling force behind the campaign, not large donors
  • Personal conflicts with candidates will not be discussed during the endorsement process
  • Policy will take precedence over popularity/name recognition/political career
  • Polling numbers will not be used or discussed as criteria for endorsement

What comes with an endorsement from the MDP Progressive Caucus?

  • Financial Support – We will make financial distribution decisions after the endorsements. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Canvassing and Phone banking – Encourage local progressives to volunteer for endorsed candidates, and/or organize days of action in support of candidates.
  • Social Media outreach and support

Endorsed candidates are expected to uphold the values presented in their questionnaire responses throughout the course of their campaign, and if elected, during their tenure in office. The MDP Progressive Caucus reserves the right to revoke an endorsement in the following circumstances:

  • if the candidate displays behavior against the MDP code of conduct
  • if the candidate votes/expresses policy stances contrary to responses in the candidate’s application.

If a candidate’s endorsement is revoked, the candidate will be notified immediately with a public statement to soon follow.