People’s Coalition Endorsement Process

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The Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party, along with the Anishinaabek Caucus, the Young Democrats, the Environmental Caucus, and the Cannabis Caucus are proud to present our candidate endorsement questionnaires for the following positions:

You can download the questionnaire by clicking on the links above for each position. Please fill out the questionnaire and return by email to as soon as possible. The coalition endorsement committee will take a few days to review questionnaires and make final recommendations to each caucus. Endorsement announcements will take place by each respective caucus soon thereafter.

Your answers to these questionnaires will help the elected Board of the coalition of caucuses listed above decide which candidates are best suited to receive the democratic nomination for these positions, as well as the endorsement of each Caucus. Our joint endorsement provides:

  1. your name, picture, and website advertised on each caucus website and in our social media,
  2. the potential to have our members support/volunteer for your campaign,
  3. an open invitation to caucus events throughout the campaign season where you are introduced as an honored guest and ally to our causes