FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MDP Progressive Caucus Defines “Progressive”


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What does Progressive mean?

MDP Progressive Caucus Defines ‘progressive’

[Michigan-June, 2018] The use of the word Progressive has found its way into the political vernacular with increased frequency over the past two years.  It has become an overused buzzword but this has afforded us an opportunity to question what it means to each of us on all levels. In response, the Progressive Caucus decided to devote many hours toward clarifying the definition. After careful democratic deliberation the caucus has unanimously reached a definition.

“We define progressives as a group of people aspiring for freedom, equity and justice. A progressive stands by the oppressed, marginalized and less privileged until the scale is evened. A progressive implements those ideals by: promoting economic justice, ending capital control of our economic and political system and agitating for workers’ owned and operated businesses, forming a truly democratic government that derives its own legitimacy from the active consent of all governed, advocating for reparations for victims of our nation’s original sins; slavery, colonization, manifest destiny, racism and greed, and striving for justice for people of all races, beliefs, gender identities and sexual orientation. We believe a progressive crafts policy based on science, fact-finding and careful assessment of context.”

MDP Progressive Caucus is a unit of the Michigan Democratic Party supporting progressive policy in Michigan politics.

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