Bridget Huff, Chair

Abel Delgado, Vice-Chair

Sarah Tresseder, Treasurer

Lashaya Darisaw, Secretary

* Outreach Director, Events Coordinator, and Communications Director positions will be added with the passage of the amended bylaws.

Congressional Coordinators

District 1

Phoebe Hopps has mobilized tens of thousands of participants to attend the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. and the DTW airport protest. She is currently President & Founder of Women’s March Michigan 501c3, a board member of Woman2Woman in Northern Michigan and a Precinct Delegate in Antrim County.

Vacancy for Male or Non-binary Representative

District 2

Susan Fabrick is a family medicine doctor from Muskegon County. She has been active in the MDP and in local and state campaigns for the last two years. She is focused on making single-payer universal heathcare coverage a reality. She is working toward progressive values, democracy, transparency and inclusion within the MDP.

Vacancy for Male or Non-binary Representative

District 3

Victoria Bowman is a member of the Kent County Progressive Caucus and Grand Rapids United Progressives. She formerly lived in Flint where she worked with the marginalized residents, first as a Head Start teacher, and then as a Family Independence Specialist. Her life work, caring about people, has continued, even though she is retired. Victoria cares about having diversity within the Democratic Party, as it strives to represent all people, providing them with fair and equitable elections for candidates who best represent their desire “for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Vacancy for Male or Non-binary Representative

District 4

Vacancy for both Female, Male or Non-binary Representative Seats

District 5

Megan Kreger

Vacancy for Male or Non-binary Representative

District 6

Andrew George is currently the chair of the St. Joseph County Democratic Party. He thinks it’s time we put young, real progressives in important roles. Andrew would like to be a champion for what he thinks modern day progressives stand for, like single payer health care and getting money out of politics, amongst many other things.

Elanor Riley is a web developer who enjoys using technology to connect systems, information, and people more effectively. She volunteered extensively for the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016 and helped to develop the on-boarding and volunteer organization systems for the Text for Bernie program. Elanor was recently elected as the Secretary of the Sixth District Democrats. She is looking forward to ensuring that we can use technology to spread the progressive message and connect more people!

District 7

Stan Goff is a transplanted southerner, a writer, and an activist. He was career military from January 1970 – February 1996, in Army Special Operations. He is now a Christian socialist, a father of four, a grandfather of eight, and a mediocre but enthusiastic fisherman, birder and gardener. He has worked on diverse campaigns regarding LGBTQ and women’s rights, CAFOs, Black farmers, union organizing, money-and-politics, and especially in the antiwar movement. He is a member of Veterans for Peace.

Julia Szybowicz

District 8

JD Torok

District 9

Colleen Parsons

Vacancy for Male or Non-binary Representative

District 10

Steven Haynes

Lexi Evelith

District 11

Ahmed Wahby is a resident of Canton and a precinct delegate. He works for the University of Michigan, Michigan Medicine and has two Masters degrees in Economics and Informations Systems. Ahmed believes in progressive values and would like to see the Democratic Party becoming more progressive, especially on the issues of Healthcare for All, Education, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Justice System.

Amanda Robert

District 12

Desirae Simmons is a Ypsilanti resident who wants to help Michigan choose candidates in 2020 that will help us not only go blue, but also continue building the base for people-centered policies and action outside of electoral politics that center the voices of those most impacted by white supremacy, patriarchy, and environmental degradation.

Adam Abusalah

District 13

Gabriela Santiago-Romero is an immigrant from Mexico and Southwest Detroit native. She has recently received her MSW focused on Social Policy and Evaluation concentrated on Community and Social Systems from the University of Michigan. She’s a community activist and organizer who has expansive experience working for Detroit nonprofits and local government. She’s currently an organizer with We The People of Michigan.

Bilal Hammoud

District 14

Najanava Harvey-Quinn comes from a family of grassroots organizers as a unit they have been actively involved nationally with the fight for 15, equal rights and criminal justice reform. Najanava is a Democratic Precinct Delegate in district 239. In her free time she enjoys traveling, historical tours and political research.

Dennis Bryant is a long time precinct delegate, a member of UAW local 6000, community activist and a member of Good Jobs Now.

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