Progressive Caucus General Membership Meeting – June 27, 2020

The Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party is holding an official meeting of the caucus membership on June 27, 2020 at 2 pm in order to conduct official caucus business. The meeting will cover many important agenda items, including Bylaw, Officer and District Representative votes. We will be joined by endorsed candidates and hear from state-level leaders on relevant causes and movements. All who wish to run for the vacant Congressional District Representative seats must be MDP and Caucus members 30 days before the meeting, and must agree to the job description for the position. Be prepared to present a brief bio to membership before voting begins.

Meeting invitation and detailed agenda will be sent ahead of the meeting.

Clarification and Amendment of Bylaws

The caucus Executive Committee has worked very hard to modernize and clarify our bylaws so that they are more clear and easier to understand. Please review the proposed amendments before the meeting. Caucus members will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the proposed changes at the meeting. Please review the bylaw package at the link below, and be prepared to vote on it during the meeting.

Approval of Officer Appointments

Positions marked with * indicate they are newly created by the passage of the amended bylaws. Caucus members will vote to appoint the following positions:

  • Caucus Chair
    • Current Chair, Bridget Huff, is running for this seat
  • Caucus Vice Chair
    • Current Vice Chair, Abel Delgado, is running for this seat
  • Caucus Secretary- current Secretary
    • LaShaya Darisaw is running for this seat
  • Communications Director*
    • Will Toms has been serving this role and will be running for this seat
  • Outreach Director*
    • J.D. Torok will be running for this seat
  • Events Director*
    • no candidates declared

Election of District Representatives

Congressional District Coordinators serve as representatives of the Progressive Caucus for each one of the 14 congressional districts in Michigan. Each district has 1 female and 1 male representative, and either the male or female position can be filled by a gender nonconforming member. Congressional district coordinators will serve on the Progressive Caucus Executive Committee. Coordinators create and strengthen relationships with leaders to stress the importance of progressive principles, and keep the lines of communication open between the Progressive Caucus, communities, candidates and elected officials.

Congressional District Representative Roles and Responsibilities

  • Attend a once a month meeting. Attendance requirements are explained in Caucus bylaws.
  • Act as liaisons between the Progressive Caucus and their respective congressional district
  • Recruit volunteers and maintain community relationships within your congressional district.
  • Outreach and volunteerism of progressive causes in your correlating congressional district.
  • Act as the grassroots representative for the caucus within assigned areas of responsibility.
  • Monitor and update the caucus on district and local issues.
  • Engage with members of the progressive caucus within the corresponding district.
  • Read, become knowledgeable and adhere to all MDP and Progressive Caucus bylaws.
  • Participate in the endorsement process for candidates, including voting on endorsements and aiding endorsed candidates in their races whenever possible.

Since they were elected, several Congressional District Representatives have stepped down from the Executive Committee. The following districts have vacancies with declared candidates seeking appointment:

  • Adam Abdusalah – CD 12
  • Amanda Robert – CD 11
  • Jeff Spakowski – CD 9 (pending passage of amended bylaws)

Additionally, the following districts have vacancies for a District Representative and currently have no declared candidates:

  • CD1 Rep (male or nonbinary)
  • CD2 Rep (male or nonbinary)
  • CD3 Rep (male or nonbinary)
  • CD4 Rep (male, female or nonbinary) – both seats are vacant
  • CD5 Rep (male or nonbinary)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Executive Committee and serving as a Congressional District Representative through the term ending February 2021, please contact with your name, district, and contact information.

You must be a Member-in-good-standing of the MDP and the Progressive Caucus before May 27, 2020 in order to run for these positions!

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 27, 2020! Please look out for additional updates coming soon.